Crystalline Consciousness Technique™ Level Two

 Empowering Your Crystalline Energy System

 Healing, Transforming and Manifesting within Your Life!


This is a powerful tool for healing and transforming yourself, your family, friends, groups and clients.

This potent tool that allows you to:

  • Tap into and access your deepest potential
  • Accelerate Healing, Transforming and Manifesting for yourself and others
  • Facilitate Personal and Spiritual Growth
  • Use Conscious Intent to provide self-direction and growth
  • Provide a safe container for working with energy
  • Transform individual and group dynamics in a powerful and safe way
  • Creates energetic integrity
  • Use the protocol on yourself, do table work on someone else, a mini chair session and distance sessions

Your skills from Level One will expand as you can now set up and create crystalline energy fields for others. Benefits of Level Two are unique to each individual. Below are a few of the universal benefits.

During the class you’ll learn and experience:

  • The three phases of CCT
  • About the Crystalline System of the Body
  • A unique way to work with Sacred Geometry
  • A hands-on as well as a distance protocol
  • Using the CCT protocol with groups
  • How to create healing dynamics in groups
  • Receive a Manual and the Tree Soul Chart for working with groups
  • One Month Mentoring following the class

Prerequisite: CCT Level I class

Cost: 600.00


There is a 2 payment option available of 2 separate payments of 300.00.  Please email me if you are interested.

Audit Class:  $150.00 – Please email me if you are interested in auditing the class.

CCT Level 2 – Empowering your Crystalline System
Class Details are below:

Prerequisite:  CCT Level 1

Date: 3 Webinar Classes (60-75 minutes long): March 18th, 2017 10a -11:30p, 12:30p-2p, 3p-430p

2 Day In person Retreat: March 25th 9:30a-5p, March 26th 10 a – 4p and a Follow up Tele-Class
Format: Combination ofWebinar/In Person

Location: Northville, MI (Location provided upon sign up)

Deadline to sign up: March 8th, 2017


 Click here to sign up: $600.00

Continuing Education Credit Available for Massage Therapists 


 Already taken the class and want to audit it?

(If you need a new manual, there is an additional charge of $75.00)


Click here to sign up – $175.00