Last year was a busy year for so many of us, including me! I was healing and building up strength in my legs after a fall. I also went back to beautiful Montana in July to continue CCT™ Teacher Training. Once I got back I realized that things needed to change. I decided to move. I started looking at apartments. There were many options and yet deep down I knew what I wanted. The question was ‘How do I get from here to there?’ I worked with my clear, and conscious intentions about what I wanted and ‎CCT™ Soul Charts which are powerful Mandala charts infused with a lovely CCT™home vibration. Some of my intentions were :

‘New Carpet, New appliances, lots of light, private entry, Affordable’….and so on.

I did the chart in late July/early August and by the end of August I had found my place. And let me share with you how ‎CCT™ worked its magic! All of the carpet, flooring, and appliances were replaced. Everything was brand new! It is a private entry corner apartment which means I have an extra window in the kitchen. Lots of lovely sunlight,…AND it was in the community I wanted to live in. It was everything I wanted and so much more!  All of my intentions had manifested. It was like I had placed an order, and the Universe had guided me to this place. I was thrilled and excited to witness how quickly my apartment came forth.

When we get really clear about what we want, set the intention(s) and truly surrender, amazing things unravel and happen for you. And CCT™ is the magic sauce!

I also decided about halfway through the year that I wanted to travel to India again. I’ve done annual trips to India for many years now, but it had been 3 years since I had been back. A lot had happened in those 3 years. I made a decision to go down to part time at my corporate job, so that I could pursue my passion to become a Coach to others. I immersed myself in learning about CCT™, became an Advanced Practitioner, a CCT™ Level 3 Teacher and a student of a 2 year CCT™ study program that allowed me to become a Crystalline Light Worker and a Crystalline Earth Advocate.  It’s given me so much, in so many ways!

My itinerary to India was very similar to prior years – close to 4 weeks at an Ayurvedic Institute, and about a week and a half in an Ashram in Southern India. This trip, however, was very different than all of my other ones.   I didn’t consciously approach the trip thinking or hoping it would be different. I was open and just went with the intention of resting, relaxing, and rejuvenating.  


What I didn’t realize was that I inherently brought in all my CCT™ tools into everything I did or experienced. Whether that was choosing how I wanted to experience my travel to and from India, getting my massages, my yoga classes, meditating, walking, meeting & interacting with others, or just soaking up the beautiful vibrations at the Ashram, I experienced everything at a much deeper level that felt very special and sacred.

I used my tools (‎CCT™ Soul Charts, ‎Healing the Earth, Personal Healing sessions and ‎Setting up my energy fields) throughout my trip, observing, and witnessing things with a very different lens compared to past trips.   I found my body LOVING and really CONNECTING to the massages.  I felt like I was honoring and taking care of myself on so many levels.  Diet, exercise, rest, massage, walking, and yoga.  When we honor our bodies, the temple of our soul, we acknowledge its purpose, its power, and significance. THAT is empowering.

The last week of my trip was spent at Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s ashram.  As I sat there, during one of the morning prayers, I experienced something so unique.  I dropped into my heart. I connected so deeply with the vibrations and peace around me, and subsequently within myself.  It felt extremely special, calm, joyful and sacred.  My soul felt full, a deep contentment, and I felt at peace.  Words can’t adequately describe how I felt and I’m not sure I even understand the depth of my experiences and its effect on me.  This is one of those life changing experiences that will stay with me forever.

Why am I sharing all of this?

Because it was a transforming experience for me. So much of our growth and/or transformation comes from what we are ready to let go of and heal, and then subsequently open up to and bring into our lives (aka Transformation). CCT™ is a phenomenal energy healing modality that works with you, like a collaborative partner, side by side, encouraging, supporting, empowering and allowing you to be the BEST you!   What’s especially cool about it is that you get to decide what and how much you want to transform. Sometimes we wonder how much we are evolving or whether we are at all. And then something shifts, and an ordinary experience becomes extraordinary. No expectations…just surrendering to that experience and all it has to offer. That makes life feel so special and makes you smile….from your heart.

Ups and downs in life are inevitable. Why not empower yourself with tools that that allow you to choose how you navigate on your personal journey? The one thing I can confidently say about CCT™ is that it brings you back to YOU. Your joy, your wisdom, your love.  All thing begins and end with you.   It’s a beautiful process of heightened self-awareness and inner growth that I’ve loved and continue to love. And I’d love to share it with you.

If you are interested in learning more about CCT™, I am offering several classes in the next few months. I also offer Coffee Shop sessions – you pick an area of your life that just isn’t budging or shifting, create powerful intentions, and I work with CCT™ soul charts to shift what you are ready to let go of to bring in what your heart desires…we then chat over a cup of coffee and I share what information came through. It’s fun, light, informative, and transformational. Join me 🙂

Wishing you a radiant & light filled 2015!