Meditation Sessions with Mridu…

“I am so happy that I enrolled in a series of meditations with Mridu. She transmits such a deep centered presence. Her voice always anchors me into such a calm center within myself. Each session was like a different journey within. I have been lead on many guided meditations and have seldom been taken to such a deep restful restorative place as I  consistently experienced with Mridu. I highly recommend that you give yourself the gift of Mridu’s meditations.”

Lorna L., Portland, OR

“An unexpexted blessing at work is Mridu and her meditation offerings.  One day, I didn’t think I could handle the weekly session because my back was really acting up, and I was afraid sitting for 30 minutes would be more pain and stiffness than I could tolerate. But I decided to try anyway. In 30 minutes Mridu’s guided meditation brought me more relief than anything ever has, including my chiropractor (who, by the way, is also excellent). my pain was gone for hours, I was less stiff and felt infinitely more free and at ease.  If you have wanted to try meditation, this would be a great place to start!”

Megan H., Livonia, MI

“The meditation sessions have been life changing.  I have been able to find a place of peace, gratitude and joy.  My concentration, and sleep have improved.  I highly recommend Mridu and am a better person for having worked with her.” 

Cindy D., Temperance, MI

“I feel more centered and present when I listen to the meditations and it also seems to be reducing negative emotions like fear.  Groups are often not comfortable for me, however, you hold such sacred space that my concerns drop away.” 

Linda A., Ennis, MO

“I loved the fact that I could do this from my home and I didn’t have to travel anywhere.  Mridu’s soothing voice and the pace of the meditation puts you in a wonderful, blissful state.   I would highly recommend!” 

Judy H., Fond du Lac, WI

“I’ve done 2 meditation series with Mridu and recommend them without reservation. I’ve never really practiced meditation before and didn’t really know what to expect. I enjoyed that is was something for me and it felt good to take care of myself. I also enjoyed the sense of peace and relaxation each session gave me. Some days I came into the session with more baggage than others, so it wasn’t always easy to get to that focused place, but it never failed. Not once, ever, which is pretty remarkable. The sessions taught me the basics of one method of meditation that produced a sense of relaxation and peace, even on bad days. Although I still have a long way to go, I can already see results in a reduction of everyday stress. The craziness of everyday life hasn’t changed, but I have started to change for the better with a more relaxed and positive attitude.”

Sue S., South Lyon, MI

“Mridu is gentle and shows much kindness & compassion as she introduces the beginner to meditation. She is gifted in the art of teaching.  As a result of my experience with her, I not only continue to meditate, but want to introduce my grandchildren, ages 16 and 11, to it as well.”

Emily G., Northville, MI

“By the end of my week I am exhausted, needing to unwind and relax my mind and body. Your meditation classes help me to do just that. After our sessions, I feel as if the weight of the world has been lifted. I am not sure how to explain the feeling, it’s weightless-ness, a clear mind, a fresh start.”

Jean J. Northville, MI

“I have a very demanding and stressful job that involves a lot of international travel.  The one on one meditation series I took with Mridu has really transformed my daily life. Currently, I am much better able to stay focused at work, manage my anxiety levels, and able to manage work/personal life balance with more energy and purpose.   She has a very calming and soothing voice which really helped me to relax during our meditation sessions.  I can’t say enough good things about Mridu and the meditations she offers.”

S. G., Baltimore, MD

“These sessions with Mridu are truly remarkable for people to attend and a great asset to the community.  She leads the sessions with ease and makes you feel welcome the whole time.  By the end of the sessions, I felt refreshed and relaxed for the rest of the day. Well, how does she do it you may ask?  I encourage you to attend her sessions to learn many valuable skills and techniques.  It is truly a remarkable experience for all. “

B.P., Northville, MI

“Inspiring and practical guided meditations led by Mridu are truly wonderful. The sessions give me an opportunity to know my true self, and it’s been the best healing therapy for my soul.  Appreciate your time and effort for our community.’

 A. A., Northville, MI

Healing Sessions with Mridu…

“I highly recommend taking one-on-one meditation sessions with Mridu.  She had a very calming presence during these sessions.  I started with the one on one meditations and progressed to the mini energy healing sessions series.  During this time, she created a calming atmosphere where thoughts flowed freely and energy was shifted in a positive way.  As a result of these sessions, I noticed a shift in energy and positive opportunities being presented to me. In addition, I started receiving many compliments on my positivity, and I am glad that I had these sessions with Mridu.”
B.P. Northville, MI


“Thank you so much Mridu – I’m very happy, I’m content, I am more confident, I feel free and alive and I know myself much better. Without your help this would never have happened. I’ve enjoyed my CCT energy healing & chakra balancing sessions over the past  two months…I know I wouldn’t have been able to get through the last few weeks if it weren’t for you and I’m so grateful.”

Ashu A. Northville, MI 

“I find Mridu to be a woman of integrity and honesty, always with a positive attitude.   Her dedication to her clients, while holding space during a CCT session, is a true gift.  Thank you again for all you have helped me with during my journey.  Namaste’ “

~Denise B., RT R CT MR, Toledo, OHfaacebok

When Mridu offers me a session, I immediately say “yes!” and then “when?”  Sessions with her are so calming, relaxing and transformative.  She uses her inner knowing to offer very pertinent and helpful suggestions and guidance.  Sometimes we can get so caught up in an issue and so entangled emotionally that it is hard to see the forest for the trees.  Mridu lovingly holds a sacred container for you to get back to center and remember your clarity.  I always feel so comfortable and open with her – and I am very particular about who facilitates my sessions.   Her kindness, humility, and dedication to be of service only enhance her abilities to help you get where you want to be.  Whether you’re new to energy work or advanced, a session with Mridu will be an experience you will want to repeat again and again!”

~Francesca S., Bowling Green, KY

“Mridu has a warm, peaceful energy, and this in itself is healing. In this country, we tend to live in an independent and isolated way. As a stay-at-home mother, not only do I feel isolated, but I spend a lot of energy taking care of others. So it’s really nice to get support from time to time, and just be taken care of by another caring soul. But the practitioner’s energy makes a big difference for me. It isn’t easy to find a practitioner who not only understands her modality well, but also has a healing quality in her very being. I very much appreciate this about Mridu.”

~Vandana P.P., Washington D.C.

“Mridu is an amazing healer! She offers a level of healing that takes many people a lifetime to achieve. Her ability to intuitively assist me in understanding what I need, coupled with her ability to hold a safe and protected sacred space for me to heal, creates an opportunity that I cherish immensely. I trust her implicitly when it comes to my healing, and really enjoy and appreciate her candor when she is helping me understand something. I highly recommend Mridu for anyone who is looking for the truth buried within!”  

~Scott M., Toledo, Ohio GetAttachment[3]  

“I did the Tree of Life healing Series with Mridu.  She helped me overcome issues that I was experiencing at the time. I was going through a tough time with my business,  and these sessions helped me relax and forgive myself. I have learnt the most important thing in life is to love oneself, to forgive oneself and accept people the way they are. Judgement is not in my vocabulary anymore. I have been blessed to have these sessions through Mridu.   She is very understanding and has a very soothing voice, which helps relax me.”

~Nikhil J., Lonavala, India

“After my CCT session with Mridu, I felt an overall feeling of calm. The after effects of the CCT session were subtle for me but had an impact for several months. If you are someone who is considering a CCT session for the first time, I would recommend you try it. Mridu will explain the process and encourages questions. The results are unique for each individual because the sessions are custom to meet your particular needs.Try it and enjoy the results.”                                                                                                                                                              

~Kathy E., Livonia,  MI


Crystalline Consciousness Technique™ Classes with Mridu…

“Learning from Mridu over the past few weeks has been an incredible gift. She is a clear, kind, and knowledgeable teacher who made the Level 1 CCT course and the Healing the Earth course accessible and inspiring – in just a few weeks, I’m feeling calmer and more grounded in my life with these new tools. Mridu has a gift for quietly, compassionately seeing people as they are – during our Coffee Shop Session, I felt completely safe and seen, and saw shifts in the issue I was working with almost immediately. Mridu, I’m grateful for you and can’t wait to learn from you again in the future!”

-E.B., Durham, NC

“Earlier this year, my sister introduced me to the idea of CCT. At first I really did not understand what the purpose of CCT was.  But as time went on, I gained a better understanding. My CCT level one class with Mridu really helped me put together all the pieces of CCT. I had the chance to ask plenty of questions. And even though the class is over, I still email Mridu with inquiries. She has been very supportive and informative as a teacher. I’m happy I took the class with Mridu.”                                                                                                                             

~K.S., Shelby, Ohio

“I had the opportunity to take CCT level 2 with Mridu a few months back. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made! CCT is a wonderful healing modality. It takes time to practice and it has to be taught by an exceptionally good teacher, like Mridu.  Being blessed with a new baby, I was a little sleep deprived at the time I took the class. I must have asked her the same question at least 5 times or more! And every time she’s  as patient as ever in giving me the answers.  I would strongly recommend CCT level 2 to anyone whose noticed a difference with CCT level 1 in their lives, which I took with Mridu as well. I would strongly recommend Mridu as a CCT teacher and practitioner.  She the real deal!!
We were looking for a great nanny and sure enough doing my CCT level 2 group chart made one pop up into our life at the right moment, which I’m very grateful for. Also, Mridu helped me formulate group intentions for my current job and once again, sure enough, positive results on the job front too! I am thrilled with these results.”

 ~A.S., Dublin, Ohio

“I was fortunate enough to audit Level 1 with Mridu.  As a fellow CCT™ Teacher and friend, I knew Mridu was an amazing teacher.  However, when I took her class, she knocked my socks right off!  Her mastery of the material and her teaching style are nothing short of some of the best spiritual leaders out there today.  She supports and guides you with the purest heart so that you have the confidence to use these tools in your daily life.  Don’t be fooled by her quiet and gentle demeanor, this lady packs an energetic punch of the best kind!”

~Francesca S., Bowling Green, KY

“I was able to take CCT  Level 1 last month through a webinar class and found it very informative . The techniques I learned are helping me to change my life daily.  I notice a big difference in my day/night when I have not set up my Crystalline Energy Fields.   After the class, I started setting up my fields at night to include the Advanced Technique for deep sleep.  I wasn’t sure that it was working until the night I forgot to set up my field.   I was up all night!  That was the proof that I needed, and now I make sure to add the technique to my nighttime fields and get that deep sleep that I desire.  I would recommend the class to anyone who wants a positive change in their life.  Mridu is a great instructor and I look forward to taking the second class.”





 ~R. Gozdowski, RDMS, LPN, Toledo, Ohio


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