We all have times in our lives where we are working with a particular challenge or issue that just won’t go away.  Beneath those issues, there are always underlying themes or patterns.  These charts work wonderfully with intentions at a deeper level, and with underlying patterns that are not always apparent to us.    When you decide to do a chart, I meet with you or your group to discuss the following:

  • What are the issues or challenges?
  • What is the desired or intended outcome?
  • Is the intended outcome in alignment with what’s best for you, and/or the group (a.k.a. Highest Good) ?
  • Assist with developing heartfelt, meaningful intentions

Colorful and vibrant Mandala shaped charts are based on the forms found inherent within the Flower of Life pattern. They are used in CCT™ for unique, individual healing sessions and for complex group situations.

Soul Charts work great for:

  • Groups including couples, families, organizations, etc.
  • Individuals
  • Distance Work
  • Evolving consciousness about healing


Group Circle Soul ChartGroup-Circle_149

From the moment we are born, we are part of a group – our immediate family. As we grow older, we become members of other groups – socially, personally, professionally and even spiritually. With each group, there is a certain dynamic or way of being. Certain tendencies or patterns may show up repeatedly sometimes preventing the group from moving forward, excelling, or even accessing the innate wisdom that lies within each individual, and more importantly, the group, as a whole.   This chart cultivates greater communication, increased trust and coherence among all members of a group.

Some suggested uses for this chart are:

  • Group Healing
  • Healing the Crystalline System
  • Balancing Ancestral Energies with Spiritual Energies

Price: $125.00


Infinity Soul Chart

This chart symbolizes the figure eight, and contains a Vesica Piscis, which represents a doorway into other dimensions and is formed by the overlap of two circles.

Some suggested uses for this chart are:Small-20Infinity_136

  • Balancing individual energies with group energies
  • Great for working with couples and their relationships
  • Transition (business, next level of abundance, moving from one home or job to a new one, taking a trip)


Price: $150.00


Seed of Life Soul Chart

This chart works with any harmonics of 7 (chakras, days of the week). It also represents the 4 subtle bodies (Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual)

Some suggested uses for this chart are:


  • 21 day Healing for situations needing long, sustaining energy

  • Balance the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual bodies
  • Clear the Chakras

  • Balance Vertical and Horizontal Energies

Price: $200.00 (for other applications)

Price:$600.00 (21 day healing)


Fruit of Life Soul Chart

This chart releases distorted energetic patterns from development stages from a project, company, relationship or a person’s journey on the planet.

It’s also based on the cycles of growth as represented by the zodiac.Small-20Flower-20of-20Life_138

Some suggested uses for this chart are:

  • Use for the developmental unfolding of a project, oneself (as in you life’s journey), relationships, families, or other organizations
  • Bring in Soul Purpose
  • Use for a calendar year

Price: $450.00


Tree of Life Soul Chart

This chart is an effective tool for working with the different levels of consciousness. This chart is also used for working with challenges and how they’ve shown up in the past, now in the present, and in the future. It can also be used to heal and work with all systems of the body.

Some suggested uses for this chart are:

  • Balance and Heal planetary energies that are affecting a personSmall-20Tree-20of-20Life_139
  • Great for businesses or organizations that have complex components and need a lot of synchronizing

Price: $350.00




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