Individual Sessions


Individual sessions focus on

  • Healing, Transforming, and Manifesting what you want in your life
  • Bringing forth what your heart desires for you
  • Working with your deepest, heartfelt intentions
  • Facilitating forward movement in any area of your life

Get Your Radiance On sessions offer a unique combination of energy healing, life coaching, and a personalized meditation/visualization that helps you connect deeply with what you want to achieve.  We start each session off with a brief conversation about where you are at and where you want to see shifts happen; we then move into an energy healing session, integrated with a relaxing and peaceful visualization.  Each time you work with CCT you are connecting to your Higher Self and your Inner Wisdom.   This technique works with you to clear, heal, and release old beliefs/patterns that no longer serve or are in alignment with what you want to experience in your life today.

An individual usually feels relaxed, revitalized, balanced, centered, grounded and expanded after a session.

Sessions last approximately 60 minutes and can be done in person, Skype, or over the phone.  Your first session includes a 15 minute coaching discussion about areas of your life that you are focused on, what to expect from a CCT session, and how to bring forth your deepest, heartfelt intentions.

Individual session – $150.00

3 Session package – $427.50 (5% savings!)

Mridu is an amazing healer! She offers a level of healing that takes many people a lifetime to achieve. Her ability to intuitively assist me in understanding what I need, coupled with her ability to hold a safe and protected sacred space for me to heal, creates an opportunity that I cherish immensely. I trust her implicitly when it comes to my healing, and really enjoy and appreciate her candor when she is helping me understand something. I highly recommend Mridu for anyone who is looking for the truth buried within!

Scott M., Toledo, Ohio