Crystalline Consciousness Technique™ Level One

Awakening to Your Energetic Self


Throughout our day we have many experiences – at work, home, with our friends, and even with people we don’t know. Wouldn’t it be great if we could choose a specific way to experience our day?

The class ‘Awakening to your Energetic Self’ introduces you to Crystalline Consciousness Technique® and the crystalline energy field. It also provides a technique for creating greater levels of protection, connection with others, and clear energetic communication.

This class is an absolute necessity for people who feel overwhelmed with other people’s ‘stuff’, who pick up on things around them and feel as though they carry it with them – feeling drained and/or exhausted by the end of the day.  This class is also great for those with chronic illnesses, who often suffer from no electromagnetic fields at all, slowing down healing and even diagnosis. It’s also ideal for parents wanting to create a more harmonious home atmosphere, business leaders promoting team spirit, and healing arts professionals creating better results with their clients.

During this class, you’ll learn about:

  • The electromagnetic energy fields
  • The crystalline energy field.
  • Understand energy as vibration
  • Use the vibration of intention for the highest protection
  • Experience a Crystalline Consciousness Technique™ activation
  • Create an individual crystalline energy field
  • Create a group energy field


Continuing Education Credit Available for Massage Therapists.

This class is 3 ½ hours, and can be done in an In person or Webinar format.

CCT Level 1 – Awakening To Your Energetic Self  Webinar class


Date:        November 1st, 2017

Time:        10a – 11:30 a, 12:30 – 2p EST (The class is divided into two 90-minute sessions.)

Format:   Webinar (all you need is a computer and a telephone line)

Location: Anywhere

The class includes a manual, protocol card, 3 Energy Meditations, 1 month of mentoring as you begin to use your new tools, and a follow up call.

Click Here to Sign up – $150.00


If none of these dates work for you…

     Put together a group of  4 or more and I will create a class for your group, at a time that works for you.

Want a more personal experience?

      Private one-to-one 3 hour class is available – price: $300.00

I was in Mridu’s CCT level I class and had the chance to be taught this wonderful new gift by an excellent teacher. I would describe her teaching style as student oriented. She gave easily understandable examples of the uses for CCT and the benefits of CCT. I really felt that I had great comprehension about the materials, largely due to Mridu’s patience and creativeness.

A.S., Dublin, Ohio