photo 2Throughout my life, I’ve always done things that were expected of me – you know, the ‘good’ girl.  I pursued a higher education, began working in the Corporate world, and living my life – the normal stuff – Friends, family, work, hobbies, etc. By the time I got into my mid 30’s I had made a career change (from Human Resources to IT), and was pretty excited and proud of myself. Underneath all of that though, there was this sense or feeling that something was missing. As I moved through my 30’s, I started to step back and really observe myself. I started to notice that I had certain beliefs, attitudes and reactions that sometimes held me back from moving forward. I looked for answers and validation of myself on the outside – friends, family, work, and even strangers. I went to psychics, tarot card readers, astrologers; you name it, I tried it. I was searching for answers – ’How do I break free from habits or patterns that hold me back? How do I move into my own joy and peace? How do I connect to the answers that I already have within myself?

Then about 7 years ago, my younger sister, recommended getting a CCT healing session. I was skeptical. My first question was ‘What’s this going to do for me? Why do I need this?’ In spite of my skepticism, I went ahead and had my 1st session. I’ll be honest – I didn’t notice anything. I was doubtful and hesitant. But I was willing to give it a shot, because I knew I wanted more for myself, and I was open to how it could happen. I continued to receive sessions. Slowly, things started to change. I still remember. The first thing I felt was ‘lighter’. And I don’t mean physically. Feelings and thoughts that had weighed me down began to go away and I felt lighter and happier. How I reacted to others started to change too. The biggest testament though, was not just my own observations but people around me noticing how I was changing. I began to witness my life transform.   That was exciting!

The best part was …I felt as though I’d ‘come home’ – coming back to myself and my own power, joy and wisdom. I shifted from watching my life from the sidelines to becoming an active participant based on what was really important to me. With the help of CCT, I realized that the answers to what I had been searching for were within me – such a simple, realization that was life changing! As I witnessed this process unfold for me, I decided I wanted to learn more about this tool, so that I could continue my own growth and transformation, and assist others in this process.

Professionally, I come from a corporate background with a career in Human Resources eventually moving into a Technology background; implementing software for clients. One common thread across all my career choices was my desire to help others and to make a difference. That desire never went away. I absolutely love making a difference in people’s lives.  Empowering them to live their life radiantly and soar high with their BIGGEST dreams.  And here I am today – a Crystalline Consciousness Technique™   Energy Coach, Certified Teacher, and Mentor.  I am blessed to have found my purpose! Making a difference not only in your life but in my life as I grow and learn with each individual I have the honor of working with. Today I work with individuals such as you, by offering healing and transformative sessions to help you recognize, realize and connect with your own power, wisdom, and joy. I also teach classes that encourage and facilitate your own growth, connection, personal freedom, healing and transformation.

I want you to know that I get the corporate world, the success, deadlines, pressures, competition the frustrations, and the politics. I also get that you WANT more for yourself. Something more meaningful – a connection to something greater within yourself. I’d be honored to help you tap into your power, your joy, your greatness and your biggest expression of your life.



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 Live Life Radiantly!!